Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Great Deceit

The Christian religion is not telling the truth. In some cases it is by mistake, in others it is to deliberately mislead, and their insistence that worshippers blindly follow their teachings, destroys much human happiness. Their levels of falsehoods and contradictions need to be expunged from their gospels. Let us express our love of God, of each other, and the joy of life on earth.
     God is present in every human being, He is our conscience, our sense of what is right or wrong, and we are honest because He is with us. Dishonesty has no place in our love of God or in our love of each other. The ultimate expression of love between two people, is a sexual love, where the intensity of affection finds expression in surrendering to sublime desires, giving Heaven sent bliss, crowned by ecstasy, followed by the glow of peaceful and total relaxation. It is the perfect therapy for worldly cares, and the foundation stone of a happy  life between man and woman, or others in love. To state that it is purely for procreation, is a silly stupid lie.
     God gave us a brain to think with; it is not for remembering. The brain is a factory, not a warehouse. and the for religion to ask us to believe without questioning, and deny our God given powers of thought, is a huge deceit. Christianity is born of times past, and based on the gospels and Bible, written over 2,000 years ago. [There are magnificent truths, but too many deceits]
     Mankind has moved on from the days when it was 'believed' the sun revolved around the Earth, and has 'created' the arts of music, painting, literature, and film, we have discovered the wonders of the universe, air transport, the mobile phone, and scientific discoveries, especially in medicine, beyond the wildest imagination of anyone alive in biblical times, yet we are expected to believe in their unchanging religion!
     God, according to them, is everlasting and all seeing, He must have noticed these changes, and He probably inspired many of them. {Is He asking me to write these words?] It seems that God was not content to leave the world as Christianity tells us, but is encouraging us to be creative. Creation did not happen, past tense, it is happening all around us, human intelligence continually increases, discoveries are made, continents shift, and mountains rise.It is clear that creation is a continuing process, and we are here to play our part in God's work. We have to understand that we are not here to damage or pollute the earth, but  to cherish and protect it.
     In tandem with this, comes the obvious deceit that God gave man 'dominion' over the Earth and all life upon it. This cannot be true, for God in his infinite wisdom would know that this 'dominion over', would come to the minds of some men as meaning 'ownership of'', and this is the seed  corn of all tyrants, the cause of most wars, second only to the violence, wars and discord between various factions that claim to represent Him!
      The desire for ownership and control of land and people, the fanatical beliefs of religions, these are the two elements that have caused generations of enslavement and murder of the innocent.
     These are he people for whom Jesus spoke, "set my people free", that is why the powerful murdered Him.
     Every time a person speaks out against injustice or malpractice,it follows this usual course. First comes the denial, with outrage from the accused, then comes the cover up. Was the resurrection of Jesus a cover up?  Did the authorities steal his body, and then put out the elaborate story He had 'ascended into Heaven'? The horrific crucifixion, was calculated to send out the strongest message to quell any dissent. Yet the power of His words must have created a mood within the people, and to counter this, they put out the news Jesus had gone to Heaven. to join His Father. This was true of hs soul, but not his body.
      The came Easter, the communion, the drinking of His blood, the eating of His flesh, a ritualised grooming, handed down for centuries, gathering belief and piety. These and the celebration of the crucifixion, are nothing but  macabre illustrations of the gullibility of mankind.
    We all have within our minds, the ability to converse with God, to discuss all aspects of our life, and human existence, our hope our fears. By these means, we are helped to see what is right and what is wrong, what makes sense and what does not; of that which He approves, condones, forgives, or condemns. The basis of true human life, is a Holy Trinity of words; Honesty, Responsibility, and Courage. It is time all the people of this planet, God's world, embraced these three words, and spoke of them to the incredible and indivisible intelligent life form that permeates our planet and the universe. When we converse freely with God, we will be able to meet the wishes of Jesus, and  with His help, 'set ourselves free'..
      May this bring peace on earth, and goodwill in all mankind. My prayers are that this real and kindly God, will somehow become a presence in your lives, and increase your joys of life on planet earth.
Frederick C Webb.

Friday, December 1, 2017

marine responsibility

God gave mankind the responsibility for all life on this planet, those alive today, have a celestial leasehold on Earth, and this lease is a full repairing lease. It ensures that what is handed down to the next generation, has not been damaged by the previous one.
This duty of care is not imposed upon us, with penalties for breaking the terms; it is imposed upon us by our God given brains. No thinking person can condone this pollution of our oceans, and the awful and unnecessary injuries and death caused to marine creatures.
The Plumtree Faith insists that God is rational and intelligent, He gave us brains to think with,. Religions came along, and replaced thought with the gospels. A 2.000 year old Bible, could not possibly have foreseen the plastic pollution nightmare.
We live in the present, not the past, and need to take a look at our spiritual life on Earth, examine our consciences, and if we see something is wrong,  put it right.
Religious leaders have to learn how to speak with God; It is simple, open your minds, ask Him what he thinks, and He will tell you..
Thinking like this is the only true way to worship our creator, who wants us to help Him in the continuing process of creation and advance of civilisation on Earth; it is our major purpose.
Archpip Plumtree.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

alarm clocks

My sisters friend May, was married to a chap who worked shifts, but liked to read books. The travelling library came at 11.00 am, he was off shift at 6.00 am, and asked May to wake him when the library came.
She did this, and he was not thankful, he was so irritated, he picked up the alarm clock - his fail safe - and threw it at her. It hit her on the leg, and was extremely painful.
The marriage life support functions, excluding sex, continued without either saying more than essential words..
Some four days later, the contrite husband said, "I.m sorry I threw the alarm clock, and that it hurt you".
"Yes it did hurt, but thanks be it was not the Grandfather clock".

This blog is about waking you up to a real life, blessings on those that tell their friends
Archpip Plumtree.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

genetic soul

Sometimes, even scientists, because there is 'nothing there',  make a discovery. A 'Black Hole' seems to be just that, a space with nothing in it. [On earth this frequently occurs in the brains of a class of people known as politicians.]
The 16 chromosomes of each gender, combine to create a child.
The undiscovered element of human conception, could be something beyond the ken of science, it is the continuation of the lovers heartfelt desires, cut short by our death, but undetected, and living on in their children.
It is what mankind does not know, that underwrites the continued advance of civilization, and the undiscovered which fills our minds with wonder.
Blessings and blossoms
Archpip Pumtree.

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Soul Ship

Astronomers tell us of  distant stars, all of them like our sun, eight light years away from earth. And there are other stars, even more distant. Our sun has planets, and our planets have moons; so in much the same way as our oceans have islands, might not life exist on other planets or some of these moons?
Men dream of being shipwrecked on a sun drenched pacific island, and then rescuing a lovely lady from shark infested waters, who, in their minds, will be a fantastic lover; and 'head cook and bottle washer'.;plus other attributes
.Unlike any ladiy of our civilization, who after centuries of tolerance still awaits recognition of equality to males; this 'rescue female' will be so grateful, that with a smile on her face,she will accept her defined by earthly man. A Battersea dog's home bitch, who'se grateful, and wags her tail!?
To such planets in the universe, do men's souls travel, it is their 'Heaven'.
But, may we ask, where is the destination for the soul of a woman?
It seems to me, that religious doctrines and practices, written exclusively by men, have never considered what is 'Heaven' to women.
A vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, and a dish washer perhaps; for which they must give tearful and deeply emotional thanks to God?.
The 'men' who fulfilled God's promise on earth, as defined by their earthly manipulators [priests],are promised many virgins in 'Heaven''. Have the prophets done their maths??
My arithmetic and understanding of the profit motive, sees this as a 'Heaven sent' opportunity for celestial doctors, who can now 'charge the earth' for hymen replacement. This will be huge compensation for suffering the inconvenience of patients who were unable to fall ill between the hours of 9.00 - 5 PM.
Let us queue at the corn circles for our 'soul ship', programmed by an intelligence beyond the computers of any silicon valley, and with our thoughts - our soul- bundled up in something we call our mind; leave our bodies and this earth behind. Then let some universal intelligence, recognize us as seeds, who willingly give permission to be sewn on any planet suited to us.
Blessings and Blossoms

Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Practical God

Does God exist to help us while we are alive, or is He only interested in us; after we are dead? Using my brain and my imagination, supplied to all of us by our creator, I often ask for celestial support, and discuss my life and life in general with 'The Pinkness', a God I can relate to, and the indirect support of clarification of my desires and of my mind, is always given.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, is God's current representative on earth, and here is an extract of my letter to him.

"At Sunday School in 1943, I was told Jesus said "set my people free", drove the money lenders from the temple, and walked among the people, curing the sick and needy. No mention of Him living in a palace, or preaching from a cathedral.

Here are four major interferences with our freedom.
1. BT, a non government body, has imposed a poll tax - line rental - of up to £230 pa on every household, it swallows our winter heating allowance. The line rental charge must be abolished immediately
2. Doctors have to understand that as sickness and accidents are random events, they have to find a way of being contacted if need arises.
3. The tax threshold should be raised to a level above the cost of essentials. This could be paid for by stopping the outflow of building profits and rental income to offshore companies, and ensuring the rich pay their dues, a boost to the economy of £30 billion pa.
4. Please remind MP's, that democracy destroyed the divine right of kings. It did not transfer it to a collective cronyism. No delegation to Quango's etc, the buck must stop with them.

Each day I imagine I am reflecting on these points with an outside supreme intelligence, who agrees they diminish the freedoms of people. Please imagine you are discussing these points with your Lord and Master, and let us know His answer."

My letter was acknowledged; but there is no news of what his God said.
It seems that a few homosexuals seeking love, and Genisis 3,500 rule that sex outside marriage is a sin, is of far more importance than the happiness of millions of people.

That he might reflect on his inertia, I sent him a copy of Plum Tree Faith,
Blessings and Blossoms
Archpip Plumtree

Thursday, February 9, 2017


With tummy full of 30 plastic bags, a beached whale is put down. How many whales and other creatures are being killed by man's pollution/
The Chinese are now offering £75,000 for one rhino horn, and the 'save the Rhino charity ask for a £5.00 donation. Are they aware of the annual pay of a Rhino poacher??!
Donkeys are worked to death, Tuna are over-fished, without any thought of his responsibility, man will do anything for profit,
If God gave man dominion over all other life,He expected man to be responsible in His eyes for the use of this power: in this man fails Him.
In the light of experience, could it be that the Bible is wrong, and that God did not give man dominion over; he gave them responsibility for.
Or did He offer mankind a challenge, and assume that with His benign offices, good people would accept this responsibility, and thereby understand the wisdom to be attained by freedom of thought.
In summary, God does not place restrictions upon mankind, He invites man to live up to His standards.
Mankind has a lot to learn, me too..
Archpip Plumtree